Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy explanation about calculating the Audio file

Salam everyone. (This post is specially dedicated to SKU 3053 candidates)

Looks like there are so many confusions among u guys about the calculation..so i'm gonna brief you about that..

this is the formula ::

For mono ::
(sampling rate)*(duration)*(bit-resolution over sample size)

For stereo ::
(sampling rate)*(duration)*(bit-resolution over sample size)*2

Notes :: Be careful of the question, either it asks u about mono or stereo..be aware that stereo will be multiplied by 2

- sampling rate is either 44.5 kHz / 22.05 kHz / 11.025 kHz be noticed that the formula needs the Hz, not the kHz..the ones that i provided above is in kHz..so, convert it first...

(clue : 1 kHz is equal to 1000 Hz)

- duration must be in SECOND..if the question provide u with the duration in minutes, u need to convert it first to second..

(clue : 1 minute equal to 60 seconds)

- available bit-resolution ::    8 / 16 / 32

available sample size ::   8, only 8

here is the tricky part..bit-resolution over sample size.."over" means devide, or in bm is pecahan...bit-resolution per sample size..actually, myb question sir tu silap kowt..because, sample size is 8, n only 8..read the question again..it said that the sample size is 16..and the bit-resolution is 8..myb it's terbalik..so, it's 16 over 8..16/8...

Piece of advice :: If there any possibility that Sir is going to make a mistake again, just be sure about one thing..bwh pecahan tu semestinya nombor 8..no other number is possible...

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