Friday, January 21, 2011

The Revelation of Me

Ehem...This is my first time of blogging...never felt it before...and uhh...some of my friends said that it is nice, wonderful and satisfiying, if u have your own blog...So, out of curiousity, i created the Bystander...Just want to try, how might it be, to have my own blog...And that means, i'm a newbie...So, anybody out there, please, show me what i'm wrong, tell me what i have to do, be my teacher, ok...And then, wish me luck!!  :)


  1. tahniah, akhirnya anda mempunyai blog sendiri.
    teruskan ( D.I.Y ) n xplore tentang dunia blog

  2. welcome dude...
    it's clear that u hv been the influencer...
    credit on u then.. :)